In A Dynamic, Disruptive, Volatile and Evolving Global Environment

Countries, governments and organisations require world-class expertise, experience, intelligence, and insight to help them navigate and shape their future success, sustainability and resilience.

In the modern world, countries, governments, organisations, businesses and enterprises of all shapes and sizes are not only buffeted by volatility, disruption and continual change and have to address and respond to threats, challenges, issues and risks of varying size and impact; but have to operate within increasing y myriad, complex ecosystems, environments and value chains.

It is against this backdrop that strategy, leadership and high-end professional and operational support, advice and counsel have never been more important in helping organisations successfully shape their futures in a sustainable and resilient manner.

The Minerva International Group is a British, boutique strategy, advisory, consulting and professional services firm, serving government, military, aviation, public sector, corporate and organisational clients internationally.


Minerva Strategy provides government, military, public sector, third sector and corporate clients internationally with specialist strategic, transformational and change consulting and advisory services.


Minerva Consulting provides organisational and corporate clients internationally with specialist, multidisciplinary, multisector management consulting, professional and integrated enterprise services.


Minerva Academy and her dedicated schools of excellence focus primarily on executive, higher level professional and specialist training, learning and development, complemented by sector consulting and support services.

Expertise and Experience

Serving and Supporting Your Organisation

We bring to clients extensive multidisciplinary and multisector expertise and experience, leading edge thought leadership and best professional practice. 

We work within a smarter, intelligent and dynamic business paradigm, delivering high impact, fit for purpose and services solutions designed to allow you to drive and delivery organisational transformation, innovation, performance, productivity and excellence.

Most importantly, we are not afraid to be different, challenge boundaries, thought, professional practice and be creative. 

And, whilst global organisational challenges, threats, issues, ecosystems and environments may be complex, we like to ensure that our services and solutions are pragmatic, practical, commercially and business focused, clear, simple and effective.

In short, we use our expertise and experience to serve and support your bespoke requirements.

Intelligence and Insight

Empowering Strategic, Tactical and Operational Planning and Decision Making 

We know, understand are unapologetic advocates of the power that insight and intelligence can bring to organisations and businesses.

From an in-depth knowledge and understanding of geopolitics and geostrategy, through market intelligence, to internal organisational metrics, high quality, deep, data and information, can bring to organisational and business competitive advantage, performance, productivity resilience, sustainability and success.

So, from strategic and operational business intelligence, analysis and planning; to the authoring of high impact internal business management and mission assurance frameworks and systems, to the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, we have the inhouse, strategic and collaborative partner capability to help assure that your organisational success and competitive advantage through high quality insight and intelligence.

Adding Value, Capability and Capacity 

Empowering Your Organisation and Advantage 

Through our network of best of breed strategic and collaborative partners we bring to clients specialist services, and added value, capability and capacity. Through such partners, not only can we complement our in-house expertise and services, but serve and support you better, helping to boost, empower and enrich your organisational performance, productivity, capability and capacity.

The Talent

To Deliver High Impact Results and Outcomes

Drawn from UK and Commonwealth (Australian, Canadian and New Zealand) armed forces, government, academic and senior level business backgrounds, our consultants, advisors, specialists and teams are of an outstanding professional pedigree and calibre.

Such talent brings to clients internationally an exceptional depth, breadth and wealth of expertise, experience and insight, designed to help you meet and address the organisational issues and challenges you face, and deliver organisational success, performance, productivity and resilience.

Your Strategic Business Partner

Strategy | Consulting | Design | Development | Programme Management

Delivering Organisational Transformation, Innovation, Excellence and Performance

London | Dublin | Bahrain | Cyprus | Singapore

The Minerva International Group


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