Adapting To Change

In the current challenging global pandemic environment, it is critical that organisations look to both survive and then thrive.

To do this they must have the knowledge, skills, competencies and ideas to successfully meet and address current issues and challenges;

ensure that they are positioned to take advantage of change and continue to support and develop their people and talent.

Let us help you in these endeavours.

Organisational Resilience

Do your senior and middle leadership personnel and teams have the knowledge and skills to

successfully author, build, develop and lead strategic organisational resilience in challenging times and crises?

Do they have the risk management knowledge and skills to successfully address potential volatility and disruption?

Perhaps we can help your organisation by helping build and develop the people and talent

to lead strategic, transformational and operational resilience, sustainability and assurance.

Change Catalyst

Does your organisation have the people and talent who can successfully author, drive and lead change,

using the current global crisis as a catalyst for sustainable organisational transformation?

Perhaps we can help your organisation develop the people and talent to achieve this?

Webinar Courses' Series

Ongoing Executive and Professional Training, Learning and Development for Changing Times

Why Continue Training, Learning and Development?

In these volatile, disruptive and challenging times, with the global COVID-19 pandemic having a critical and deep impact on organisations of all shapes and sizes, one can be forgiven for thinking that organisational and workplace training, learning and development, at any level, would be the last thing on either leadership and management, or indeed individuals’, minds. We just need to survive is the most common and heartfelt reaction.

Whilst such thoughts are entirely understandable, we would like to gently suggest that such a perspective can in fact be damaging to the survival, sustainability and resilience of organisations in such times of crisis.

Firstly, the COVID-19 pandemic will pass; and whether it is the ‘new’ normal, ‘old normal’ or a blend of both, organisations will start to look to recovery.

Secondly, in successfully navigating the current global pandemic crisis, organisations are having to change, adapt and become more agile. As well as the very real frightening challenges and issues which events such as the global pandemic bring, they also offer opportunities for critical reflection, change and transformation. The most successful companies moving forward will look to not simply survive and recover, but proactively position themselves, as a ‘learning organisation’ to use such lessons learnt as a catalyst for change and transformation, enhancing competitive advantage, agility and resilience; as well as performance, productivity and profitability.

It is in the spirit of this second point that we would most strongly advise and recommend that executive and professional training, learning and development continues; and indeed potentially becomes even more important than normal. Like many aspects of our professional and personal lives at the moment, in an appropriate format to the context and environment we face.

And so, Minerva Academy has launched a series of webinars and webinar courses, with digital and online support, to continue to serve and support our clients internationally.

So, why do we need executive and professional training, learning and development, and what are the organisational and business advantages?

  • The opportunity to conduct 360 degree organisational, business and value chain reviews
  • Conduct renewed strategic, and operational business planning
  • Conduct strategic people and talent reviews and planning
  • Conduct refocused strategic, tactical and operational organisational resilience, risk and crisis and emergency management preparedness and response reviews and planning
  • Conduct organisational architecture, design and dynamics and busines reviews
  • Conduct business management systems, engineering, policies and processes reviews

And from these reviews, analyses and planning

  • Preparing organisations, business and people for the future

So, what are the practical benefits of continued executive and professional training, learning and development in the current climate?

  • Organisations and people refresh or develop the new knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes required to drive renewed organisational, operational and business excellence, performance, productivity and profitability.
  • Organisations show that they are continuing to value their people and talent. This raises confidence and morale
  • Organisations benefit form a high-performance culture of engagement, enablement, empowerment and enrichment – which in turn significantly enhances commitment and motivation
  • People at all organisational levels continue to learn and develop, which directly or indirectly adds value and contributes to a high-performance ‘learning organisational’ culture
  • Can be used to reward and recognise people and performance
  • Contributes towards and preserve ‘normality’, providing continuity and structure
Shared Communities and Experiences

A critical benefit of continued executive and professional training, learning and development is the rebuilding, continuity and consolidation of shared communities and experience, which reinforce cultures, teams and interpersonal relations. The ability to share with and learn from our peers and social provides organisations with the deep social and cultural learning resource which will be invaluable in moving forward.

Becoming Technologically Literate

The current global pandemic has had one immediately constructive change; it has fostered a greater use of technology, in particular computing, communication, collaboration and information technology. This is positive trend which we are sure will form a central pillar of the ‘new normal’ both operationally and for the delivery of executive and professional training, learning and development. Taking part in and using webinar, online and digital technologies and platforms will consolidate this new learning and enhance technological literacy and confidence; and provides an agile, safe and secure environment.

Added Value, Personalised and Tailored Engagement

Minerva Academy’s webinar courses are structured in such as way as to provide added value, flexibility and personalised and tailored engagement. Our mix of webinar based courses, workshops, tutorial and supervision groups, small participant numbers and online and digital support allows participants to benefit from peer and whole group interaction and exploration, as well as access nuggets of learning and information; focus on individual preferences; and take a flexible approach at their own speed and time.

In Conclusion

Continued executive and professional training, learning and development must be a central pillar in organisational people and talent agendas in post pandemic recovery. The tangible organisational and business benefits we would suggest will help assure your organisational recovery, development and the ability to move from survive to thrive in an effective, agile, robust and resilient manner.

Flexible Delivery Options

Our webinar courses offer clients a set of four flexible delivery options

Title Days & Hours Daily Contact Total Learning Hours
5 Days Intensive 0800 – 1300 hrs 5 Hrs 25 GLH
Short Professional Course
  • 2 Weeks
  • 2 Days pw
2 sessions per day  2 Hrs  each 32 GLH
Professional Course
  • 4 Weeks
  • 3 Days pw
2 sessions per day  2 Hrs  each 48 GLH
Extended Modular Course
  • 9 – 12 Weeks
  • 2 Days pw + 1 Day per month
2 sessions per day  2 Hrs  each 60 GLH


Participants Numbers

Our webinar courses are normally limited to a maximum of 8 participants on executive programmes and courses; and 12 – 16 participants on professional and School of Business English programmes and courses.

The small nature of these participant numbers allows us to provide personalised and tailored engagement; as well as allowing participants the time and opportunity share, explore and discuss in greater depth both key issues and concepts.

Methodology and Approach

Programmes and courses combine a mix of formal training, learning and development sessions with workshops, coaching, and one on one or micro group supervisions / tutorials.

We blend leading-edge knowledge, case studies, an exploration of sector and discipline trends and issues and best practice models with a competency, skills, task-based learning and ‘project’ approach.

We also, where participants are ready, willing and able to share with their peers, draw upon real-world, real-time and live scenarios, issues sand challenges faced by both participants and their organisations.

A Pragmatic Organsiational and Business Focus

Our webinar programmes and courses are pragmatically focused, with the emphasis being on helping participants use their new knowledge, skills and competencies to author, develop, drive and lead the strategic, transformational, tactical and operational solutions, agendas and initiatives which will help their organisations secure successful and sustainable futures by being resilient; being able to enhance organisational and business performance, productivity and profitability; and be able to respond to local, national and global volatility, disruption, threats, issues and concerns in an agile and dynamic manner.

Webinar and Online Programmes and Courses

To explore our portfolio of executive and professional webinar and online training, learning and development

programmes and courses currently being delivered, please follow the links below.

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