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Helping clients build and develop high-impact and high-value

programme and project management cultures and capability

Minerva Programme and Project Management 

Building and Developing High-Impact High-Value Project Cultures

Helping assure programme and project success built upon deep, high-performance cultures and best international practice. 

Programme and project management capability and frameworks which proactively help assure the achievement of strategic, transformational and operational objectives.

Business and commercially focused programme and project management which underwrites performance, competitive advantage and resilience. 

Value and Resource Focused

There are some truly worrying figures surrounding programme and project management delivery. Recent research (2020) by KMPG suggests that 70% of organizations have had at least one project failure in the past year. 50% of projects failed to consistently achieve their objectives. And only 58% of enterprises, organisations and businesses understand and appreciate the value of project management, meaning that over 40% of organisations and businesses waste resources.

Conversely, research suggests that enterprises, organisations and businesses which pursue best practice programme and project management practices waste 28 times fewer resources than those which do not.

Smarter, Intelligent Project Management Frameworks 

Minerva Programme and Project Management’s consulting services have one simple objective. Working as your trusted business and knowledge partner, we bring our multidisciplinary, multisector expertise and international experience and insight to help assure end to end programme and project excellence, across their lifecycle and all organisational levels.

Our proprietary Metian framework is designed to allow clients achieve a deeper and clearer understanding of their current programme and project management capability, capacity and delivery; as well as conduct a health check on current existing projects.

Taking a holistic, deep-dive assessment and analysis approach, Metian builds a PPM Index, scored across seven pillars and some 50 input factors. Through the resulting PPMI, clients can identify opportunities for and the pillars around which they can confidently improve their programme and project management; as well as allowing us to better deliver smarter, intelligent and bespoke services, solutions and support.

It is against this background that we offer clients internationally an exceptional depth and breadth of multidisciplinary, end to end portfolio, programme and project management expertise, experience and services, garnered across decades of experience across government, military, engineering, aviation and business environments.

To achieve success, we deploy our proprietary Agere* paradigm, an integrated, hybrid framework, developed over years of professional experience and specifically designed in accordance with our central tenet that projects are living, dynamic organisms with operate within macro and micro ecosystems, and are subject to contextual and environmental factors.

The Agere* paradigm draws upon military, aviation, engineering and technology frameworks; medical and environmental concepts; as well as PRINCE2 and Agile methodologies; all to produce a multi-dimensional, SMARTER*, intelligent framework,

Business, Commercially and Praxis Focused

Our focus is on helping and supporting clients across four key cornerstones.  The first is building and developing high-performance and high-value professional programme and project ecosystems and cultures which add strategic, transformational and operational value to enterprises, organisations and businesses.

The second is to design and implement programme and project management frameworks and systems which are business and commercially focused, pragmatic and practical; reduce the risk of operational failure; and deliver tangible enterprise, organisational and business benefits, results and outcomes.

The third is to help assure that programmes and projects are authored, planned, led, managed and delivered is as an effective and efficient a manner as possible; to the highest quality, utilising resources in an as dextrous and astute manner as possible and demonstrating the optimised alignment of people, systems and processes. The fourth is constructive disruption, looking to help clients innovate so as to continually develop, enhance and empower programme and project management performance.

We have significant experience in supporting clients not just across major and complex programmes and projects, but within challenging, hostile, disruptive and volatile environments and contexts. We also bring to clients a network of strategic and collaborative partners who, through their specialist services, add significant value, capacity and capability.

We also have significant international experience and expertise working across a range of programme and project models, such as PMOT, BMOT and others; as well as extensive specialist experience in supporting governments and ministry clients in the design and delivery of strategic initiatives; as well as multidisciplinary strategic human capital and nationalisation programmes.

For SME and family firms, we provide specialist programme and project management services that are designed for their distinctive contexts and environments.

Our Project Management Consulting Suite of Services

Our suite of services encompass enterprise, organisational, corporate and business programme and project:

ISO 9001

ISO 21500


Earned value management

MSP standards and frameworks

P3M3 maturity assessments and frameworks

Auditing and benchmarking

Authoring, architectures and design

Business and quality management and systems

Command, control and communications

Commercial management

Environmental and sustainability impact management

Governance and compliance

Information, computing, communications, collaboration and technology


Management contracting

Management, frameworks and systems

Management offices set-up

Planning, scheduling, control, monitoring

Security and resilience management

Stakeholder engagement and management

Teams and talent

Training and development

Risk management

Transformation and change management 

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