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Minerva Intelligence

Helping Clients Harness The Power of Knowledge, Intelligence and Insight

Using high value, accurate and timely intelligence, insight and data to empower dynamic, responsive and SMARTER* organisational resilience, growth and performance.

Translating strengths and opportunities into organisational growth, development and success through intelligence and insight led knowledge and understanding of global, local and operational context, environment and competition.

Enhancing organisational risk analysis and management through high value intelligence, insight and data; and embedding organisational knowledge within a high-performance culture.

High Value Intelligence Cultures and Environments

In today’s world we encounter we have a 24/7 media cycle, with information ranging from geopolitical decisions and events, through economic, market and business data, to social media activity. Within this context, it is all too easy sometimes to feel we suffer from information overload and are drowning in an ocean of data and information; whilst at other times, we don’t feel that we have enough information.

In today’s modern era, it is critical that enterprises, organisations and businesses understand the importance of harnessing the power of data and information; how to best manage and effectively analyse and assess it, turning it into knowledge, intelligence and insight that can drive performance and productivity.

At Minerva Intelligence, our mission objective is to provide services and solutions which help and enterprises, organisations and businesses internationally design, build, deploy and develop high worth and high-impact data information, intelligence and insight environments, frameworks, systems, techniques and tools.

Smarter Intelligent Intelligence Frameworks

Such environments are characterised by access to; analysis and assessment; and management and communication of deep, real time and high-quality data and information from multiple sources within an ecosystem, which are then forged into the intelligence and insight.

Achieving higher-level enterprise, organisational and business data, information and intelligence environments informs, empowers and enriches smarter, intelligent strategic, tactical and operational intelligence, analysis, planning monitoring, management and decision making. This in turn enables and enhances business development, capture and delivery; operational optimisation; innovation and growth; performance and productivity; and resilience; as well as promoting a dynamic, ‘learning organisation.’

To achieve this we place an emphasis upon helping and supporting clients around four core pillars:

Data, information and intelligence mining, gathering, analysis and assessment

Strategic and operational business planning

Business and quality management, reporting and decision-making architectures, frameworks and systems

The authoring of 360-degree performance metrices

Bespoke Data, Machine Learning and Technology Solutions

Working with specialist strategic and collaborative partners, we can author bespoke specialist deep data, machine learning and AI solutions.

Intelligence and Insight

Whilst we place a premium and emphasis upon data and information, we never forget that the most powerful intelligence environments understand the power of human intelligence – or insight. We bring to clients the insight that reinforces intelligence, borne out our exemplary multidisciplinary, multi sector international experience.

Our Intelligence Suite of Services

Our suite of services encompass enterprise, organisational, corporate and business:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Business and quality management systems

Business intelligence, analysis and planning

Business intelligence software

Business knowledge management

Business process (re) engineering and modelling

Competition intelligence and insight

Country intelligence, insight, analysis and research

Competition intelligence and insight

Country intelligence, insight, analysis and research

Enterprise planning

Geostrategic Intelligence and insight

ISO standards

Markets intelligence, insight, analysis and research

Regional intelligence, insight, analysis and research

Risk analysis and management

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