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Your Lifeblood

The single most important asset any organisation is privileged to have are its people, with highly skilled, motivated individual and team talent being the lifeblood of sustainable, successful organisations.

At Minerva, people are our DNA, and we understand how people and talent services have radically evolved over the years, and what enterprises, organisations and businesses demand today.

With our combined people and talent resourcing, consulting, operational and academy capability and services, we are uniquely and enviably positioned to serve as your international people partner, providing fully integrated, end to end and through life people and talent services that allow clients to design, build and develop bespoke, responsive solutions for today and tomorrow that meet their dynamic and evolving people and talent requirements.

High Performance People Cultures 

Across all our bespoke people and talent resourcing, consulting and operations services and solutions, our mission objective is to help assure that enterprises, organisations and businesses have the people and talent they need at every organisational level and at every stage of their lifecycle to achieve their strategic, transformational and operational objectives and achieve sustainable success and resilience.

Taking a holistic, integrated, smarter and intelligent approach, our proprietary Artemisian framework is specifically designed to help clients understand at a deep level their people and talent ecosystems, build a people and talent index across seven pillars and some 50 factors. From this informed perspective clients can powerfully and effectively build, develop and lead high-performance cultures and learning organisations, fuelled by the people and talent who possess the knowledge, skills, expertise and experience to drive and deliver growth, innovation, productivity and profitability.

From Sourcing To Development

We place a premium on people and talent services and solutions which engage, enable, empower and enrich; and are pragmatic, practical, business and commercially focused; delivering tangible benefits and being results and outcomes orientated.

We are proud that we bring to clients the word class practice and leading-edge knowledge, expertise and experience, garnered across decades of international strategic human, capital, people and talent exposure and involvement with some of the world’s finest people-orientated organisations.

Our four people and talent pillars encompass:

People and Talent Sourcing

People and Talent Consulting

People and Talent Operations

People and Talent Development

With the last pillar being delivered by the specialist executive and professional training, learning and development services provided by Minerva Academy.

Specialist SME Support

Starting up a new enterprise, organization or business, along with successful growth, can be hugely exciting, challenging and rewarding. Increasingly however, owners, leaders and teams can feel torn between competing demands on their time, feel like they lack the specialist expertise and experience required and wish they had the support in assuring that not only are best practice, professional people foundations are laid but that people and talent agendas proactively support organisational and business growth and operational requirements; so allowing them to focus on their primary responsibility and role of developing, capturing and delivering business.

To that end, have a special interest, expertise and experience in providing end-to-end and through life people and talent strategy, transformational and operational services and solutions to solopreneurs, micro, SME and family firms.

These people and talent services are specifically tailored to and bespoke for SME’s are delivered by consultants who have dedicated international start-up, micro, SME and family firms’ expertise and experience; allowing SME’s to seize opportunities, address challenges and issues, and build sustainable success and resilience.

People and Talent Sourcing

Perhaps more than ever, enterprises, organisations and businesses, of all shapes and sizes, at all stages of their journey, require the highest calibre of skilled and knowledgeable people and talent to help them shape their futures.

Minerva’s People and Talent Sourcing services specialise in the provision of executive, senior-level, specialist and technical talent for clients internationally, who through their higher value skills, expertise, experience and insight to engagements will help assure that clients achieve their strategic, transformational and operational objectives.

Our approach is focused on the three pillars of collaboration, relationship and service. As a trusted people partner, we seek to build long-term, collaborative relationships; and through a smarter, intelligent and deeper understanding of what your people and talent agendas and objectives are, serve and support you better.

For us, it is not just about providing people in the right roles at the right time in the right place in a cost-effective and flexible manner that suits you; it is about the judicious selection and placement of talent who match not just your technical role and responsibility requirements, but are in harmony with your brand, culture, environment and values; and through their expertise, experience and insight can proactively add real weight and value to your enterprise, organisation or business operations; and deliver tangible results, outcomes and competitive advantage.

We provide clients with two sources of people and talent. The first is our own rich and diverse network and pool of British, Commonwealth and international talent. Drawn from military, government, business and academic circles and of an exemplary professional calibre and pedigree, our senior-level talent brings to clients extensive international, multidisciplinary and multisector expertise and experience.

Complementing this, we offer clients a full suite of external sourcing services and end to end, through life deployment support; from recruitment, assessment and selection to operational life support and specialist sector sourcing.

We offer clients five primary talent sourcing services.

Laedan Service

Our Laedan Service is focused on helping clients fulfill their medium to long-term executive and senior-level leadership and management, as well as senior-level specialist and technical talent requirements.

Typically, the sourcing of such senior-level higher value skilled talent for enterprises, organisations and businesses is orientated around interim leadership and management, short-term operational, rescue and recovery, accelerated growth and transformation requirements; and range from three months to a year.

People As-A-Service

Minerva’s People As-a-Service (PaaS) is specifically designed to provide clients internationally with the ultimate operational flexibility in deploying expertise and experience on a short and medium-term short cycle, point of need basis.

Such deployments can range from a day or two to six months and are normally centred around professional services and the operational demand for technical, specialist and high-value personnel.

Our PaaS capability is particularly orientated towards solopreneurs, micros, SME and family firms; particularly those who have highly flexible and diverse operational talent requirements.

In the current global pandemic crisis, the PaaS capability affords clients the opportunity to deploy remote talent on an add value and cost-effective basis.

Initium Service

Our Initium service is specialist focused on providing start-up enterprises, organisations and businesses with the specialist leadership, functional and operational expertise and talent to ensure that they lay the deep, best practice, foundations and optimise initial operations to help assure momentum, sustainability and resilience.

Typically, such engagements involve operational leadership and management talent, professional HR, financial and legal personnel, as well as business, technical and specialist talent, all of whom are deployed on flexible basis, from short cycle on demand, through part-time to longer interim engagements.

Project and Consortia Teams

One of our primary areas of international expertise and experience is the building, leadership and management of integrated, stand-alone and specialist programme, project and consortia teams, drawing upon our network of British, European and international talent, strategic and collaborative partners.

Managed and Outsourced Services

Our managed and outsourced services offer clients the opportunity to deploy specialist, technical and operational talent and teams on a scalable and flexible basis. From outsourced back office and professional services, through managed services and solutions, to the setup of a complete function or department, we have the expertise and experience.

People and Talent Consulting

Our people and talent consulting services are designed to be enterprise, organisational and business-focused, and have one simple mission objective, to help and support clients in placing people and talent at the very core of strategy, transformation and operations, allowing harness and optimise the power of their single most important asset and source of capital.

From strategic human capital, through transformation agendas and initiatives, to organisational design, development and dynamics and leading, building and developing high-performance cultures and teams, we have the people, expertise, experience and insight to help you achieve your strategic and operational people, organisational and business objectives.

A key pillar of our people and talent consulting is supporting clients in the use of deep data, information and intelligence in enhancing people and talent agendas, initiatives and operations.

The NOVI Programme

For clients of all shapes and sizes, we run a specialist NOVI (new men) scheme, which is focused upon providing organisations of all shapes and sizes with graduate and young talent, predominantly from Oxbridge and Russell Group universities and from Eton and Rugby Group public schools.

The programme is designed to be a two-way win-win, providing organisations with fresh, young talent who are more cost-effective, whilst providing graduates and junior leaders with opportunities to lay outstanding, board, foundations to their career, with clients knowing that they are playing a vital and socially constructive role.

People and Talent Development

No matter what size and shape your organisation is, highly skilled talent with knowledge and expertise are mission-critical, especially in rapidly changing global and technological environments. Whatever their strategic and operational objectives and requirements, it is critical that leadership teams build and develop high-impact organisational learning and continually develop its teams and talent.

Research has also shown that organisations and firms which invest in their people both attract and retain higher quality, engaged and loyal talent.

Such ongoing development knowledge and skills development must blend both older, established and transferable alongside new and emerging knowledge and skills, from soft skills to understanding and using artificial intelligence, machine learning and technology, with almost 90% of business leaders emphasising the critical importance of training and developing their talent in new and emerging fields.

For further information please visit our dedicated Minerva Academy pages here.

People and Talent Operations

From simple and transactional HR, through HRBP and to designing, building and leading powerful and enriching people experiences, from hire to retire, across micro and SME to complex multinational and multisite corporate hub and honeycomb models and frameworks, we are here to serve and support you across the entire HR spectrum or on specific projects and initiatives.

Strategic Human Capital

We have a special interest, expertise and experience in supporting clients, especially those across The Middle East, Africa and Asia, in authoring and delivering strategic human capital agendas, initiatives and projects, especially in areas such as nationalisation.

Our People and Talent Consulting Suite of Services

Our suite of services encompass enterprise, organisational, corporate and business:

Coaching and mentoring

Communications management

Collaboration management and sourcing

Diversity, inclusion and engagement

Executive coaching

Executive development

Executive search

Employment and labour law

Global mobility

HR Setup

Interim leadership and management

Managed services

Mergers and acquisitions

Organisational design, development and dynamics

Outsourced services

People analytics


People, digital disruption and technology

People engagement and experience

People and HR management and operations

People transformation and change management

People and talent programme and project management

Programme and project teams

People and talent / HR consulting

Recruitment, assessment and selection

Reward and recognition

Strategic human capital

Specialist and technical sourcing

Specialist sector sourcing

Specialist SME HR operations

Specialist SME people and talent sourcing

Training, learning and development

Talent management

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