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We bring to clients internationally best of breed British expertise.

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Through combining strategy, consulting and professional services and training and development,

we help enable and empower high -performance organisational design, dynamics,

cultures and operational performance, productivity and profitability,

Seeking Ambassadors, Agents and Local Business Partners

We are seeking ambassadors, agents and local business partners

to support us and our business development, capture and delivery in Europe, Asia and Africa, in particular countries

such as India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, MENA and GCC. To see more, go to our communications hub.

In a continually changing world, organisations need

trusted business partners to help them successfully understand and navigate it and shape their futures.

About Us

The Minerva International Group is a British, boutique strategy, advisory, consulting and professional services firm, serving government, military, aviation, public sector, corporate and organisational clients internationally.

Founded in 2015, The Minerva International Group brings to clients an outstanding depth, breadth and wealth of collective, individual and team expertise, experience and insight, garnered from our consultant and specialist talent spending decades working at C’ suite, executive and senior professional and project management level roles across British and Commonwealth government, military and multidisciplinary, multi sector blue-chip, corporate, programme and project environments.

With our three core business pillars being strategy, professional and consulting services, and executive and professional training learning and development, further complemented and supported by our integrated enterprise services and network of strategic and collaborative partners, we are enviably positioned to support clients internationally in authoring, driving and delivering organisational and operational excellence and performance.

As a boutique firm, which works as a trusted strategic business partner, we are able to be agile, adaptable and respond swiftly, effectively and efficiently, delivering for clients an integrated, joined up, smarter and intelligent suite of services and solutions that are fit for purpose, high impact and add value.

Who Are We?

The Minerva International Group was formed by a small group of senior-level consultants who shared common military, blue-chip, corporate and organisational backgrounds; similar strategic, operational, consulting professional pedigrees; and specialist, multidisciplinary and training, learning and development interests and international regional experiences; and has also known and worked together for a number of years.

In addition to their exemplary expertise and senior-level international experience, they brought to the organisation their extensive individual international networks of consultants, specialists and teams; along with best of breed British strategic and collaborative partners.

A Powerful Blend of Expertise and Experience

The Minerva International Group’s DNA was carefully crafted, with founders, senior leadership team and consultants and specialists being carefully considered and chosen to consolidate and complement our vision of the knowledge, skills, expertise and experience that we felt a modern strategy, consulting and professional services firm should be able to draw upon; bring credibility; and inspire confidence in clients internationally.

To that end, we deliberately wanted to draw upon a mix of British, European and international government, military, blue-chip corporate, business, major programme and project management and academic domains, which we felt would powerfully underwrite all or services and solutions by drawing upon best of breed practice and leading-edge knowledge.

So, we bring to clients what we believe is an outstanding depth and breadth of multidisciplinary and multi sector and international expertise, experience and insight, garnered from decades of successfully executing senior level executive and professional roles and responsibilities internationally with best of breed organisations.

Why Minerva?

We like to draw upon our classical education and the wisdom of ages past.

Minera, also known to The Romans as  Pallas Athena or Athene, was the Greek goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, as well as being the the sponsor of the arts, commerce, trade and strategy. 

Along with Jupiter and Juno, she was one of the three Roman deities in The Capitoline Traid.

Not a bad inspiration for a stategy, consulting and professional services firm we feel. 

An International Footprint

The Minerva International Group has two primary regional divisions, Minerva UK and Minerva International.


Headquartered in London, Minerva UK serves clients in the United Kingdom and across Europe; based in Edinburgh, Manchester and Dublin.


The Minerva International Group has an excellent international footprint, with two dedicated international divisions:


Serves our clients throughout South Asia, China, and The Far East, based out of Singapore.


Serves our clients throughout the Middle East and North Africa, based out of Bahrain.

We have extensive expertise and experience working with government, military, corporate and organisational clients across The Middle East, Far East and Africa; and we have a historic personal and special interest in supporting clients in selected countries across The Gulf Co-operation Council, Levant and South East Asia Regions, as well as in India and Western, East and Southern Africa.


We believe that there are five key areas that inform why clients internationally choose to work with us

as their trusted international strategic business partner.

Our integrated ability to support organisations’ strategic, transformational and operational agendas

Our mixed strategy, consulting, professional services and learning and development portfolio of services

Our ability to provide a single source of added value, end to end integrated enterprise services and support

The exemplary professional pedigree and calibre of our talent and teams; and their extensive expertise, experience and insight

Our organisational values and business approach.

Your Strategic Business Partner

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The Minerva International Group


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