People Focused

Internally and externally we focus on people and relationships. 

Client Centric

We are here to work as a trusted business partner, providing bespoke services and solutions. 

Leading By Example

Delivering Organisational Transformation,

Innovation, Excellence and Performance

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the UK’s premier boutique strategy, consulting and professional services firms

with a reputation amongst our clients for being distinguished by:

Our values, philosophy and ethos

Our ability to offer clients internationally a single source of best of breed,

added value, strategy, consulting, professional and learning and development services

Our smarter, intelligent approach delivering, high impact solutions

Our end-to-end integrated enterprise services capability

Our outstanding client engagement and relations

Our Mission Objective

Our mission objective is to provide the expertise, experience and insight to help assure that enterprise, organisational and business clients internationally can:

Successfully navigate and shape their futures

Fulfill their richest potential

Design, build and develop

High-performance cultures



Brand and value



Effective transformation and change

Enable, empower, enhance and optimise operational performance, productivity and profitability

Develop highly skilled talent and teams who can successfully

lead, drive, deliver and contribute toward organisational excellence across all levels

Address and overcome the real-world disruption, volatility, issues and challenges faced.

Your Strategic Business Partner

Strategy | Consulting | Design | Development | Programme Management

Delivering Organisational Transformation, Innovation, Excellence and Performance

London | Dublin | Bahrain | Cyprus | Singapore

The Minerva International Group


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