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End to end professional commercial expertise and services supporting successful business identification, development and delivery.

From business and commercial intelligence and analysis, through contract management, to legal and financial advisory services, we offer a comprehensive suite of commercial services supporting your success.

Helping assure enterprise, business and commercial advantage, value  and the delivery of viable, sustainable and profitable business success.

Commercial Management Consulting

A question. How do you see commercial management in your enterprise, organisation or business? Is it s bureaucratic hindrance, or does it serve to help insure your operations against risk?

Poor commercial management can cost public and private sector organisations of all shapes and sizes significant financial and operational damage and losses, even resulting in catastrophe, as Enron and Carillion, can sadly testify. From the NHS and Capita to Uber there are significant business and commercial lessons which should be well noted.

Compounding this, The OECD has estimated that today there are over two million untrained managers in the UK, with poor general, operational and commercial management knowledge, skills, expertise and experience who, collectively, cost organisations over £80 billion per annum. Other research has shown that poor commercial management can cost organisations between 10 and 15% of not just contract value, but annual organisational revenues.

It is against this backdrop that Minerva Commercial brings to clients the specialist commercial management consulting, services and solutions designed to provide end to end support across the business, commercial and operational life cycles.

Focused On Value And Advantage.

We start with three core beliefs; that commercial management functions must work as business partners, not business masters; that financial savings and cost cutting do not automatically equal value, if for example they hinder operations and reputation; and that high impact and high value commercial management seeks to add value for all stakeholders across the commercial ecosystem.

As your trusted business and knowledge partner, our mission objective is simple; to help and support enterprises, organisations and businesses optimise their commercial operations by building, developing, implementing and leading the high-performance, pragmatic and practical commercial management cultures and operations which add value, maximise business potential, profitability and competitive advantage, reduce risk and proactively foster sustainable commercial and operational resilience whilst simultaneously underwriting innovation, growth and development.

Smarter, Intelligent Commercial Performance

To achieve this, we deploy our proprietary Hermian framework, which is designed to take a smarter, intelligent, integrated, co-ordinated and holistic approach to enhancing commercial performance. The framework takes a complex ecosystem perspective, enabling clients to assess and analyse their current commercial culture, framework, systems and performance, producing a commercial infrastructure index (CII) score across seven pillars and 56 input elements.

From this deep level analysis clients can identity not just strengths, weaknesses, challenges, issues and gaps; but critical areas such as whether enterprise, organisational, business and commercial strategy is aligned; if their commercial operations can test, validate and reflect their business success, brand, value and reputation; and if competing stakeholder, client, consumer and business expectations, values and tensions are harmonised.

The results inform the building, development and implementation of the powerful commercial cultures, frameworks and systems which will allow them to lead and manage high impact and high value commercial strategies, operations, relations and performance across the value chain in an added value, controlled, effective and efficient manner.

Our Commercial Management Consulting Suite of Services

Our suite of services encompass enterprise, organisational, corporate and business:

Bid and tender management

Business and opportunity identification and development

Business intelligence, analysis and planning

Business and quality management systems

Business and commercial intelligence

Commercial architecture, culture and dynamics

Commercial management benchmarking and assessment

Commercial management

Commercial lifecycle management

Commercial information, communications and technology

Commercial resilience

Contract authoring and management

Contract authoring and management

Contracting management

Contractor management

Financial management

International trade

Legal advisory


Procurement, supply and logistics

Programme and project management

Risk management

Strategy and alignment

Value contract management

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