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Minerva Innovation

Driving Competitive Advantage, Differentiation and Growth

Helping enterprises, organisations and businesses build the high-impact innovation strategies, cultures, frameworks and systems that deliver competitive advantage. 

Innovation as a catalyst for operational optimisation, earning and adding value; and enhancing performance, productivity and profitability.

Innovation underwriting and empowering enterprise, organisational and business strategic resilience, risk, responsiveness and sustainability.

Innovation Driving Competitive Advantage and Growth 

Successful and effective innovation requires a holistic and integrated enterprise, organisational and business-wide approach, with cultures, frameworks, systems and processes working across all organisational levels, departments, functions and units.

Whilst creativity and innovation may seem nebulous, individualistic and driven by crisis or chance, it is important that enterprises, organisations and businesses take a proactive approach to fostering high-performance innovation cultures.

Minerva Innovation has designed a proprietary framework which is designed to help and support clients to initiate and encourage, structure, organised, lead and manage innovation

Our innovation life cycle management framework is premised upon two primary building blocks, each a series of pillars.

The strategy block provides the cultural, structural and systemic foundations and scope through which innovation can be initiated and supported; with the second pillar providing an operational and management structure through which innovation can become operative and serve as a catalyst for operational optimisation, earning and adding value; and enhancing performance, productivity and profitability.

Innovation Underwriting

Strategic Resilience and Responsiveness

Key to our approach is encouraging clients to see effective innovation as embedded within a high-performance culture, where innovation and creativity are proactively encouraged, supported and rewarded across all levels. With this culture, sustainable innovation becomes an iterative process and involves all stakeholders across the value chain.

Parallel to this is the importance of seeing innovation as part of a wider, dynamic enterprise, organisational and business key strategy pillar, especially with respect to strategic risk and resilience and developing the ability to respond to a disruptive and volatile global environment; and being able to capitalise upon business development, capture and delivery opportunities.

We also encourage clients to see innovation as an innate part of effective and successful transformation, change management, quality assurance and ‘organisational’ learning.

A central pillar of our work with clients is harnessing the power of digital and technological disruption and the deployment of tools such as AI, machine learning and automation to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency.

As a strategy and advisory firm which is unequivocally committed to business, commercially and pragmatically focused solutions, we place an emphasis upon helping assure that clients’ innovation initiatives, especially complex and large-scale initiatives, are delivered in a smarter, intelligent manner, deliver tangible outcomes and results, and are premised on a judicious business case that will deliver real-world ‘business’ growth and enhance performance, productivity and profitability.

Through our strategic and collaborative partners and network, we also have a powerful capability to support integrated and co-ordinated complex and multidisciplinary innovation initiatives.

Our Innovation Suite of Services

Our suite of services encompass enterprise, organisational, corporate and business:

Business and quality management systems

Business innovation, design and growth

Business Process (Re) Engineering

Digital and technological innovation

ISO 56000 awareness and training

Innovation collaboration and network management

Innovation intelligence

Innovation leadership and cultures

Innovation management frameworks and systems

Innovation management – tools and techniques

Innovation strategy

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