A Different Persective

People, relationship and value-focused marketing

which underwrites business success, sustainability and resilience.

Minerva Marketing 

Engaging and Empowering Valued Relationships 

Taking a multifaced, integrated, interactive, people, relationship and value-focused perspective which delivers high-impact marketing.

Building and developing marketing frameworks and systems which underwrite and help assure business success, sustainability and resilience. 

End to end marketing support which enhances, empowers and enriches business growth, development, capture and profitability.

A Different Perspective To Marketing Consulting 

What do you consider the nature and role of marketing to be?  How does your organisation market itself? 

At Minerva, our marketing management consulting takes a different perspective, seeing effective and successful marketing as a multifaced, integrated, interactive, people, relationship and value-focused system and process which operates across and sits at the nexus of an ecosystem; and an investment that underwrites and helps assure future success, sustainability and resilience.

Minerva Marketing’s consulting mission objective is to bring our expertise, experience and insight to help and support clients of all shapes and sizes create and strengthen their marketing and communications agendas which will, in turn, allow them to construct the high-impact, high-value end to end marketing strategies and operations, which will enhance, empower and enrich enterprise, organisational and business growth, development, capture and profitability and deliver tangible enterprise and businesses benefits and competitive advantage.

Knowledge and Intelligence

Driving Marketing Excellence

With our proprietary Hephaestian framework, we take a smarter, intelligent, holistic and integrated approach to the design, building and development of high-performance, co-ordinated and integrated marketing and communications cultures, frameworks, systems and processes, across the organisation and value chain.

We start by taking a deep dive analysis and assessment of your current marketing operations, producing a marketing index measured across seven key pillars and some 50 factors. From this analysis, clients are better placed to understand how to refine, optimise and strengthen their marketing capability, capacity and effectiveness.

Three key cornerstones we start with are the fullest alignment of enterprise, organisational and business with marketing and communications strategic and operational objectives; helping enterprises, organisations and businesses understand the marketing and communications ecosystems which they operate; and using marketing and communications as a key business intelligence source and driver, providing high value qualitative and quantitative data, information and intelligence.

Brand. Value. Engaging Experiences.

Other key marketing and communications pillars that we prioritise are the design, building and development of brand and value; marketing and communications frameworks, systems and processes; and enhancing, empowering and enriching client and customer engagement and experiences. Here, we also like to invert the perspective, encouraging clients to critically assess how their products, goods and services add real value to customers’ lives or help foster their dreams, desires or aspirations.

Cumulatively, through our marketing consulting, we want to assure that clients maximise the return on their marketing and communications investment through being able to successfully deploy the mature, sophisticated, powerful and engaging high-performance marketing and communications modus operandi to successfully position themselves to achieve the sustainable recognition, differentiation and business success they deserve.

Our Marketing Consulting Suite of Services

Our suite of services encompass enterprise, organisational, corporate and business:


AI, data and automation

Business development

Brand and identity management

Client and customer relationship and experience management

Communications management

Complex marketing planning and strategy

Content creation and design

Content marketing

Crisis communications and PR

Customer service management

Digital innovation, disruption and transformation

Digital marketing, communications and presence

Email marketing

Inbound marketing

Lead generation, intelligence, development and management

Loyalty, reward and retention strategies

Market entry and start-up Marketing ICT – platforms, systems, tools

Marketing intelligence and analysis

Marketing management

Marketing materials production

Media management

Networking management

Public relations

Pricing, value and revenue

Product and services route to market

Project management

Reputation management

Research services

Sales management

Social media management

Vertical marketing

Website development

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Delivering Organisational Transformation, Innovation, Excellence and Performance

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