360 Degree Resilience

Building and developing 360-degree enterprise, organisational and business operational resilience. 

Minerva Operational Resilience 

Assuring Your Operational Robustness

Building and developing the operational resilience to successfully respond to disruption, volatility and crises in a smarter, intelligent manner.

360 degree, integrated, unified and co-ordinated operational resilience, security, risk, crisis, emergency response and business continuity management.

Building and developing high-impact, responsive and robust operational resilience and enterprise mission assurance cultures and ecosystems.

Navigating Operational Disruption

The current global pandemic crisis has, unfortunately, illustrated all too powerfully and dramatically the volatility and disruption that enterprises, organisations, businesses and people can face; and the wide-ranging, multifaceted and severe, potentially tragic and catastrophic, operational trauma, impact and consequences that can result.

Unfortunately, too many enterprises, organisations and businesses were not as well prepared as they could or should have been. The requirement for enterprise, organisational and business continuity, and crisis management will only become more acute in the future. From terrorism, physical and cybersecurity; through climate change impact; to the next health crisis, it a strategic and operational imperative that enterprises, organisations and business build and develop the robust strategic and operational resilience, continuity and crisis management which will help assure that they can effectively and successfully navigate such disruption and volatility in a way which allows them to proactively shape their responses and futures, rather than be coerced into certain actions and directions is both urgent and of paramount importance.

High Impact Integrated Operational Resilience

Our operational resilience consulting services have one simple mission objective. That is to help clients internationally attain the highest possible levels and standards of operational resilience, security, risk, crisis, emergency response and business continuity management that will allow them to proportionately respond to and survive disruption and crises; protect mission-critical elements of their organisation and operations; operate as effectively as possible, to acceptable and predefined levels in the face of and during such disruption and crises; and finally, fully gear up and recover as quickly as possible.

We take a smarter, intelligent approach to designing, building, implementing and developing high value, high impact operational resilience, resting on four key cornerstones.

The first is helping clients to understand operational resilience as dynamic and real-world based. As well as being business and commercially orientated, practical and pragmatic, we emphasise the critical importance of operational simplicity, effectiveness and tensility within operational resilience, security, risk, crisis, emergency response and business continuity environments.  A key building block here is paying attention to the small things, which can all too often have unforeseen and exponential consequences when they go wrong, as the proverb ‘For Want of a Nail’ rather eloquently articulates. 

The second is seeing operational resilience as a multifaced, complex and dynamic ecosystem, with including business, reputational, legal, and regulatory; organisational and operational; as well as operational resilience, security, risk, crisis, emergency response and business continuity management component parts. The highest levels of operational resilience efficacy therefore must be deeply rooted across ecosystems, value chains and stakeholders.

The third cornerstone is the critical importance of build and developing learning ‘organisations’ and high-performance operational resilience cultures, across all organisational levels and stakeholders.

The final cornerstone is encouraging clients to understand and embrace operational resilience within the wider kaizen context, as a powerful pillar in driving, reinforcing and underwriting wider organisational and operational optimisation, excellence and competitive advantage.

Building Resilience and Enterprise Mission Assurance

To achieve this and support clients better design, build and develop a deep, broad, robust and responsive operational resilience architecture and infrastructure we take a holistic enterprise resilience mission assurance (ERMA) position, which seeks to align, integrate and coordinate all the component parts of the operational resilience ecosystem. Key building blocks here are the alignment of strategic, transformational, tactical and operational organisational, business and resilience objectives.

We start by deploying our proprietary Soterian methodology, through which we conduct a deep dive assessment and analysis of clients’ current operational resilience and business continuity. Across seven pillars and some fifty criteria, the resulting operational resilience index (ORI) allows clients to better understand current, as well as identify opportunities to enhance, empower and improve, their operational resilience and business continuity capability and capacity.

Key ORI pillars include leadership; human factors, behaviours and mindsets; risk climate and cultures; communications platforms and systems; information, intelligence and decision-making capability and frameworks; the ability to improvise, initiate and take ownership; and threat, risk and vulnerability identification and assessment.

Prepared. Responsive. Recover. 

Cumulatively, the ORI and ERMA approach provides clients of all shapes and sizes with four operational resilience benefits.

Firstly, it helps assure that operational resilience, risk, security, crisis, emergency response and business continuity management planning and preparation is as comprehensive and rigorous as possible; in turn assuring that clients are not only as fully prepared and responsive as possible, across the ecosystem, to successfully address, respond, adapt to and navigate the challenges and issues thrown at them as a result of disruption and crises; but facilitates their ability to operationally gear back up to full operational recovery.

Secondly, it allows clients to design, build, implement and develop the most powerful and effective operational resilience frameworks, systems, protocols, procedures and processes they can; which are in turn underwritten by deep operational resilience and risk cultures.

Thirdly, it allows the highest degree of operational resilience coordination, cohesiveness and coherence, and the alignment, integration and coordination of people, processes and systems across ecosystems, value chains, stakeholders and organisations.

Finally, it assures that such operational resilience, risk, security, crisis, emergency response and business continuity management planning and preparation is as professional, prescient, perceptive and effectual as possible, being based upon extensive, in-depth and unified analysis, assessment and understanding.

A priority within our operational resilience consulting is to be proactive and forward-looking, supporting clients in seeing volatility, disruption and crises as an opportunity and catalyst for internal enterprise, organisational and business transformation, change and constructive disruption which helps maximise customer value and through business remodelling boots their ability to seize opportunities and benefit not only from any immediate new post-crisis environment, but from a longer-term strategic perspective.

Business Impact Tracking and Evaluation (BITE)

As part of our operational resilience consulting, we offer clients internationally a specialist Business Impact Tracking and Evaluation (BITE) service.

Designed for boards, senior leadership and operational management teams BITE provides enterprises, organisations and businesses with an informed and intelligent analysis and assessment of potential multifaceted risks, threats and vulnerabilities which they might face globally, nationally and locally.

The first BITE pillar focuses on the potential operational consequences and impact based on different disruption scenarios, events and levels. 

The second BITE pillar presents potential top level strategic, tactical and operational response frameworks and approaches, around which clients can build and develop the indepth planning required to address, respond to and mitigate such potential disruption.

Across both BITE pillars an emphasis is placed upon taking an international multidisciplinary approach, as well as being both proactive and forward-looking, and learning from other’s experiences, past crises, as well as through academic research, case studies and reflections. 

Cumulatively, BITE’s objective is to provide clients’ with a smarter, intelligent insight and judicious forecast of potential risks and vulnerabilities, through which being more intelligently informed and aware, they are better positioned to conduct, build and develop robust, rigorous and integrated operational resilience, security, crisis, emergency response, risk and business continuity management planning, preparation, preparedness and reponses. Forewarned is forearmed. 

The NERVE Centre

The Minerva Resilience NERVE Centre is a specialist thought leader tasked with taking a strategic and multidisciplinary approach to the identification, assessment and evaluation of new and emerging risks and vulnerabilities, globally, regionally, nationally and locally.

Working with Minerva Operational Resilience, the NERVE Centre provides an operational resilience focus to identify emerging risks and vulnerabilities, from which enterprises, organisations and businesses can develop informed and intelligent operational resilience, risk and business continuity management plans.

Like our BITE service, our NERVE Centre services are also proactively focused, drawing upon multidisciplinary international intelligence and forecasting to forewarn and forearm clients as to potential threats, vulnerabilities and risks, so helping assure that clients’ awareness and intelligence helps assure that they are as fully prepared as possible for potential volatility and disruption. 

Our Operational Resilience Consulting Suite of Services

Our suite of services encompass enterprise, organisational, corporate and business:

ISO 22301

ISO 27001


ANSI/ASIS SPC. 1-2009 – internal benchmarking

National Fire Protection Association 1600:2007 – internal benchmarking


Business and operational resumption and recovery

Business continuity health check

Business continuity and contingency management

Business impact analysis

Command, control and communications

Crisis communications

Crisis management


Data, information and intelligence

Data recovery

Due diligence, screening and vetting

Exercises, testing and penetration management

Emergency response management

Enterprise and business mission assurance

Geopolitical intelligence, analysis and risk

Incident command and MAGIC

Integrated business and quality management systems

Integrated resilience systems

Information, communications, collaboration and technology

Information security management systems

Major event management

Organisational mission assurance

Operational resilience management

People operations, leadership and management

Preparation and readiness assessment

Remote working

Risk management

Regional, country, market and customer intelligence, analysis and risk

Regulatory compliance

Reputational risk management

Security, crisis and risk culture analysis and assessment

Security operations and management

Senior leadership and management regimes

Threat and vulnerability management

Training and Development

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