Technology Transforming Performance

Building and developing high-performance, high value and high impact technology, innovation and disruption

cultures to empower 360-degree enterprise, organisational and business performance. 

Minerva Technology

The Systematic Translation of Knowledge into Operational Empowerment 

Deploying technology to enhance, empower and enrich Smarter and intelligent performance, productivity, resilience, sustainability and success.

High-impact, high-value, constructive technological and digital disruption and innovation delivered through high-performance technology and innovation cultures.

Transforming data into high-value intelligence to developing value, advantage and smarter intelligent organisations and businesses.

Technology Empowering Advantage 

Research suggests that UK companies, of all shapes and sizes, are very sluggish in investing in and deploying the latest technologies that there is a big gap between the best and the rest and that too often senior leadership and management teams are not aware of the latest technological innovations. The consequences of this are that too many enterprises, organisations and businesses are potentially in real danger of being left behind, which could have a seriously detrimental impact.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and cloud applications, 5G, the internet of things, augmented and virtual reality, as well as social media marketing, business and productivity software, new ‘smart, cutting-edge equipment and machinery and powerful analytics tools are but some of the more obvious technological areas which enterprises, organisations and business could and should invest in and deploy.

Constructive Technological and Digital Disruption 

Minerva Technology’s mission objective is to support and help clients embrace and deploy technological and digital innovation, disruption, and transformation to significantly boost their business growth, development, competitive advantage, performance and productivity.

We take a smarter, intelligent approach to our technology consulting, focused on services, solutions and support which is practical, pragmatic, business and commercially focused.

Perhaps ironically, we do not advocate the pursuit of technological and digital innovation, disruption, and transformation per se, but rather in a measured, judicious and fit for purpose manner that delivers real, tangible enterprise, organisational and business benefits.

Deep Rooted High-Performance Technology Cultures 

The four cornerstones of our approach reflect this.

The first is to help and support clients build and develop high-performance and deep-rooted technology, innovation and transformation orientated mindsets and cultures across all organisational levels, from senior leadership and management teams downwards.

The second is, whilst being aware of the next ‘big thing’, counselling clients to deploy existing and mainstream technologies that optimise operational effectiveness and efficiency, as well as boost performance, productivity and profitability. Critical to this operational optimisation is the alignment, integration and coordination of people, processes and technology.

The third is to use digital disruption and technological innovation to empower, enhance and enrich engagement, connectivity and collaboration across the value chain and stakeholders.

Finally, we emphasise the critical importance of people, leadership, skilled teams and talent, across all organisational levels, who through their technologically and digital literacy can successfully drive and deliver technological and digital disruption, innovation and transformation

A key foundation pillar in our technology consulting is how enterprises, organisations and businesses use deep data, information and analytics, across their ‘organisational’ and operational lifecycles and value chains, in five major areas. The first is helping clients to turn deep data, information and analytics into credible and high worth intelligence, that can be employed across a range of business and operational functions. The first of these is to ensure that strategic and operational business intelligence, analysis and planning are as credible, effectual and meticulous as possible. The second is in powering business and quality management systems and decision making. The third is on facilitating the identification of new business opportunities. The fifth pillar is how clients use such data, information and intelligence to underwrite effective risk and compliance management.

A second pillar we focus on is how clients utilise technological and digital innovation to enhance engagement with and enrich the experience of clients and customers, add value, and consolidate loyalty, so boosting potential revenue generation.

A third critical pillar we prioritise is how technological and digital innovation not only assists the translation and delivery of strategy into operational objectives, but in fact proactively underwrites and contributes towards developing organisational excellence and operational effectiveness, efficiency and optimisation.

 Through our technology consulting, we help clients design, deploy and develop the mature, high-value, high-worth and high-impact technological and digital infrastructures, frameworks, platforms and systems which will help assure their sustainable enterprise, organisational and business success through empowering constructive disruption, innovation and transformation.

For solopreneurs, micro, SME and family firm clients, we offer specialist services tailored to their specialist contexts, environments and requirements.

Our Technology Consulting Suite of Services

Our suite of services encompass enterprise, organisational, corporate and business:

Artificial intelligence, and automation

Business intelligence and analysis

Cloud computing

Communications, collaboration and engagement

Computing and technology brokerage and procurement

Computing and technology platforms, systems and software

Customer and client engagement and experience

Cybersecurity and resilience

Data, information and intelligence management

Digital marketing

Digital organisations and operations

Governance, compliance and risk

Integrated technology platforms and systems

Internet of things

Machine learning

Organisational and operational optimisation

Technological innovation and disruption

Programme and project management

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