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High-performance, high-impact and high-value procurement, supply and logistics ecosystems.

Minerva Procurement and Supply

Building and Developing Excellence Across The Value Chain

Helping assure seamless, effective, efficient, robust and rigorous procurement, supply and logistics across the value chain. 

Building and developing high-performance procurement, supply, and logistics cultures that help assure sustainability and resilience.  

Procurement, supply and value chains which empower strategic and operational performance and competitive advantage.

Assuring Flexible, Full Flow

At the best of times, value, procurement, supply and logistics chains can be complex environments and ecosystems within which to operate. The current global pandemic crisis, along with Brexit, are two current and serious examples of the volatility and disruption which can be faced, which can have potentially catastrophic financial and customer service consequences.

It is not well known that surgeons sometimes only a medical device once the patient is under the anaesthesia! Now that is an impressive just in time delivery example! They may however have to order multiple sizes, which could be wasted, a fact borne out by research suggesting that in some cases only about 10% of the value of equipment procured were actually used. In one particular case, a medical equipment manufacturer, through the innovation of a 4PL provider who successfully eliminated waste, associated costs and improved services, now see their supply chain as a competitive advantage rather than a cost.

Whatever size and scale procurement, supply and logistics chain you require or are operating in, it is mission-critical that they are as seamless, effective, efficient, robust and rigorous as possible. In today’s global business environment, there are however significant other factors that require judicious consideration, from operational and legal to ethical and sustainability issues.

High-Performance Procurement and Supply Cultures

Whether you are a simple first-party logistics client or perhaps one considering or requiring a complex 5PL outsourced solution, Minerva Procurement’s consulting mission objective is to help and support clients internationally achieve the high-performance procurement, supply and logistics cultures across the value chain which will assure that enterprises, organisations and businesses achieve their strategic and operational objectives, whilst simultaneously underwriting and empowering their performance, competitive advantage, sustainability and resilience.

Smarter, Intelligent Foundations

Our proprietary Annona framework helps clients conduct a deep level, holistic analysis of their current value chain ecosystem, operations and health, resulting in an integrated value chain index across seven pillars and some fifty factors. From this enhanced awareness and understanding, we can help clients design, build and develop bespoke, smarter and intelligent high-impact, high-worth value chains that are as optimised, lean and risk-free as possible; deliver practical, pragmatic, tangible business and commercially focused results; enhance client and customer engagement and satisfaction; and is as responsive, robust and resilient as possible.

Specialist SME Support

For sole traders, micro, SME and family firm clients we offer specialist procurement, supply and logistics consulting services focused on their distinctive and particular requirements, often focused around first, second and third-party value chain relationships and networks.

Our Procurement and Supply Consulting Suite of Services

Our suite of services encompass:

Artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning in PSL operations

Asset and inventory management

Brokerage services

Business and commercial architectures, infrastructure and ecosystem engineering

Commercial and contract management

Commercial business and quality management systems

Complex value chain design and management

Corporate, business and commercial ethics

Commercial disruption and innovation management

Internal value chain indexing and assessment

Logistics management

Management contracting

Managed services

Outsourced services

Procurement management

Project management

Risk management

Supplier research, assessment, evaluation, due diligence and vetting

Supply chain management

Transformation and change management


Procurement, supply chain and logistics:

Architectures, infrastructure and ecosystem engineering

Ethical PSL sourcing

Frameworks, systems and processes

Operational optimisation

Security and resilience

Strategy formulation

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