Building Sustainable Futures

Our strategy and advisory services are designed to empower enterprises, organisations and businesses

to plan, prepare for, navigate and shape their futures.

Minerva Strategic

Translating Strategy Into Sustainable High Performance

Supporting enterprises, organisations and businesses plan, prepare for, navigate and shape their futures within a disruptive and volatile global environment.

Working with boards, ‘C’ suite and senior leadership teams and stakeholders to help translate strategy into organisational excellence and design drive and deliver value, competitive advantage, innovation and growth.

Smarter, intelligent, high-impact and responsive real-world, business and commercially orientated services and solutions, founded upon expertise, experience, insight and intelligence.

Strategic Consulting And Advisory

Strategic consulting is a privilege, it provides an opportunity to support enterprises, organisations and businesses plan, prepare for, navigate and shape their futures within a disruptive and volatile global environment.

Minerva Strategic works with boards, ‘C’ suite and senior leadership teams and stakeholders to help assure that of all shapes and sizes have in place the top level and strategic pillars which will underwrite, enable, empower and achieve organisational and operational excellence; sustainable success; and allow them to flourish and fulfilling their fullest potential.

To facilitate this, we focus on seven key strategy pillars:

Strategic compliance

Strategy formulation, planning and leadership

Strategic transformation innovation, growth, value and advantage

Strategic resilience

Strategic communications

Strategic supply chain management

Strategic enterprise, organisational and business architecture, design, development and dynamics

Through these seven pillars, we help and support enterprises, organisations and businesses to

  • Formulate intelligent, smarter strategy
  • Translate that strategy into organisational and operational excellence
  • Design, develop and lead high-performance cultures
  • Design effective higher level ‘organisational’, structures, systems and frameworks
  • Build and develop strategic brand and value
  • Design, build and develop competitive advantage and growth
  • Be able to design, develop and lead effective transformation, change, innovation and constructive international disruption
  • Build and develop strategic resilience and sustainability

Through such foci, we can help enterprises, organisations and businesses build and develop deep level strategic structural and systemic foundations, the cumulative effects of which can significantly empower and enhance enterprise, organisational and business mission assurance, resilience, responsiveness and operational optimisation, across organisational levels, boundaries, silos and functions.

At Minerva, we prioritise strategy and advisory services and solutions which are real-world, business and commercially orientated.

We also like to add value by looking for opportunities within client engagements to simultaneously combine strategic consulting with coaching, mentoring, learning and development in order to build and develop internal talent and capability.

Our Strategic Consulting Suite of Services

Our suite of services encompass enterprise, organisational, corporate and business:


Strategy analysis, formulation and planning

Design, development and dynamics

Digital and technological strategy

Disruption and innovation

Functional strategy


Growth, value and advantage

Mergers and acquisitions

Models and transformation

Strategic communications

Strategic compliance

Strategic leadership

Strategic human capital

Strategic finance

Strategic marketing and communications

Strategy and operations

Strategic resilience

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