High-impact resilience, assuring that you...

Survive. Stabilize. Regenerate. Thrive.

Minerva Resilience

Embracing challenges to empower the future

Building and developing the high-performance resilience cultures which help enterprises, organisations and businesses overcome turbulence, uncertainty, disruption and volatility.

Our mission is help assure that if clients ever have to face the worst that the word can throw at them, they are able to successfully survive, stabilize, regenerate and thrive.

Helping build, develop and lead holistic health and resilience by being able to anticipate, plan and prepare for, respond to and adapt in the face of change and disruption.

Survive. Stabilize. Regenerate. Thrive.

Resilience means different things to different people at different times. Sadly, few ‘organisations’ achieve genuine, robust strategic resilience; instead being continually prone to reacting to events and firefighting, rather than being able to respond in an effective and controlled manner.

Organisations which achieve genuine, deep level and sustainable strategic resilience share common characteristics and attributes which allow them not just to respond to and survive threats, disruption and vulnerability, in whatever size, shape and form they take; but to thrive and proposer by being able to proactively and dynamically adapt to evolving environments, grasp opportunities, use disruption as a catalyst for change and so prosper.

Minerva Resilience’s mission can be summed up in four words: Survive. Stabilize. Regenerate. Thrive.

High Impact, Stratgeic and Operational Resilience

We support and help clients to build, develop and lead the high-impact strategic, tactical and operational resilience and assurance cultures, frameworks and systems which help enterprises, organisations and businesses effectively and successfully anticipate, plan and prepare for, respond to and learn from disruption and volatility.

Through our proprietary Soterian system, we take a holistic enterprise, organisational and business perspective which emphasises the importance of placing strategic resilience and sustainability within an ecosystem, and building and developing both deep level, high-performance resilience and risk cultures and ‘learning’ organisations.

The Soterian system takes an integrated and co-ordinated approach to strategic resilience, across resilience, risk, security, crisis and business continuity. At the heart of the system is a 60-factor matrix across ten resilience pillars which provides an internal strategic resilience and risk index (SRRI), through which enterprises, organisations and businesses can build, develop and lead smarter, intelligent strategic resilience frameworks and cultures across their ecosystem, value chain and all ‘organisational’ levels.

Central to our resilience approach is helping and supporting clients to critically reflect, challenge assumptions and boundaries, be committed to Kaizen, demonstrate outstanding leadership and communications, recognise the critical importance of people and human factors within world class strategic resilience; and above all be able to respond to disruption and volatility in a smarter, intelligent, imaginative, innovative and creative manner, that recognises and understands environments and contexts, allows improvisation and protects mission critical aspects of an enterprise, organisation, business and their operation.

Our Resilience Suite of Services

Our suite of resilience services encompass enterprise, organisational and business:

ISO 9001

ISO 31000

ISO 27001

ISO 22301

ISO 28000

BS 13500

ISO 22301

ISO 22316


Business continuity management

Business and quality management systems

Crisis and emergency management

Cyber security

Data, information and intelligence

Digital and technological disruption and resilience

Frameworks, systems and controls

Geostrategic, regional and country intelligence

Governance, regulatory, compliance and risk

High-performance resilience cultures

High-performance resilience leadership

Information, communications and technology

Information security

Mission assurance

Operating models and structures

Operational resilience management

People, human factors and behavioural insight

Reputational risk management

Risk management

Security engineering

Security operations and management

Strategic resilience

Strategic security

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