The Peace of Mind To Focus On Your Priorities

The professional and business operational and functional support

allowing you to focus on your core business.

Professional and Business Services As Assurance

Professional and business services serving as pre-emptive and light-touch mission assurance to mitigate and

indemnify against the potential business, commercial, organisational and operational risk and failure

Minerva Professional Services

The Specialist Talent To Empower You

An excellent portfolio of high-impact professional support services delivered by talent of the highest professional pedigree.

Serving and supporting your enterprise’s, organisation’s and business’ best interests in a disinterested, professional and best practice manner.

Allowing you to deploy your resources and assets in a smarter, intelligent way, focused on developing and delivering business.

Disinterested Service 

The highest impact, value and quality professional services must be founded upon exactly that, disinterested service delivered in accordance with the highest levels of professional and personal probity, integrity and codes of conduct, which assure that client’s best interests are delivered.

People Focused. Client Centric.

At Minerva Professional Services, this is exactly what we do. We have stayed loyal to the traditional foundations, distinguished ideals and purpose of management consulting and professional services. Being people-focused, client-centric, collaborative and network orientated is woven into our very culture and fabric; and allows us to bring our multidisciplinary, multisector expertise, experience and insight to serve clients in providing smarter, intelligent, added value and bespoke services and solutions which enable, empower and enhance enterprises, organisations and business.

Working as your trusted business and knowledge partner, our primary mission objective is to provide you with the professional, pre-emptive and preferably light-touch mission assurance to mitigate and indemnify against the potential business, commercial, organisational and operational risk and failures that might have significant detrimental impact and costs.

Our second mission objective is to provide you with the time, time, space headroom and peace of mind to focus your valuable resources on doing what you do best, capturing and delivering business, safe in the knowledge that your end to end professional, business and ancillary support services are in safe, trusted and professional hands.

Our third mission objective is to help clients to successfully achieve the 360-degree operational optimisation and excellence that drives not just today’s performance, growth and resilience but allows clients to confidently embrace tomorrow’s change, disruption and innovation in a manner that allows them to shape their own futures.

Flexible, Added Value, Business Support

To serve clients in as dextrous and nimble a manner as possible, we believe in services and talent on demand, which clients can draw down from in a flexible manner which not only suits them but allows them to design organisational and operational excellence.

Our exemplary portfolio of specialist professional services and support, ranging from on-demand short cycle engagements to outsourced and fully managed services, not only provides clients with co-ordinated, integrated and added value professional services, but allows us to better understand and serve your strategic, transformational and operational agendas and objectives.

We have a special interest, expertise and experience in supporting solopreneurs, micro, SME and family firms; in particular accelerated and potential high growth firms who seek and require specialist support bespoke to their distinctive contexts and environments.

(** We are not a legal nor financial services firm. All and any such legal and financial services are provided through our individual or organisational strategic, collaborative or associate partners, all of whom are individually and organisationally qualified, accredited and authorised to deliver such services.)

Our Professional Services Consulting Suite

Our suite of services encompass enterprise, organisational, corporate and business:

Accounting and bookkeeping

Business administration and management

Digital innovation and disruption

Financial advisory and support **

Information, communications, collaboration and technology

Legal advisory and support **

Management consulting

Marketing, communications and PR management

Media management

People and HR

Procurement and supply chain management

Project management

Risk management

Security and crisis management

Training and development

Your Strategic Business Partner

Strategy | Consulting | Design | Development | Programme Management

Delivering Organisational Transformation, Innovation, Excellence and Performance

London | Dublin | Bahrain | Cyprus | Singapore

The Minerva International Group


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