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Helping enterprises, organisations and businesses do things right and do the right thing.


Minerva Governance

Supporting high-performance governance, regulatory and compliance cultures and evironments.

Ethical, moral and transparent business delivered by people who, as part of a high-performance GRC culture, do the right thing and do things right.

Designing, building, developing and leading high impact GRC cultures and environments which underwrite 360-degree excellence across all organisational levels.

GRC cultures and environments synchronised and aligned to strategic resilience and enterprise, organisational, business and operational objectives and drivers.

Contributing Towards Excellence Across All Organisational Levels.

Too often, enterprises, organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes, associate corporate governance, regulatory and compliance requirements with constrictive, legalistic and bureaucratic straight jackets, designed to punish and mitigate potential litigation.

High impact and best practice governance, regulatory and compliance environments should rather be seen as an innate part of high-performance cultures and leadership.

Minerva Governance’s mission objective is to help and support enterprises, organisations and businesses design and develop the governance regulatory and compliance cultures, frameworks and systems which, when embedded in their very DNA, will contribute towards 360-degree excellence across all organisational levels.

Underwriting Strategic Resilience, Responsiveness and Performance

To enable this, we have developed our proprietary GRACE (Governance Regulatory and Compliance Excellence) framework, designed to provide a smarter, intelligent and mature approach to designing, developing, leading and managing such high impact GRC environments.

Our GRACE framework focuses on five key pillars:

Leadership, culture, values, integrity and behaviours

Information, communications, collaboration and technology

Learning and development

Business, management and quality systems

Risk awareness, analysis, assessment, planning and management

Our approach and the GRACE framework are specifically designed to provide a holistic, integrated and co-ordinated enterprise, organisational and business, rather than a narrow legal, financial, commercial and ICT, perspective, which is deliberately and directly linked to strategic resilience, as well as being strategically synchronised and aligned to enterprise, organisational, business and operational objectives and drivers.

We also place a deliberate focus on the critical importance to best of breed GRC environments of people and human factors and developing the values and behaviours that drive integrity, ownership, responsibility, accountability and transparency; as well as embedding risk and compliance awareness and understanding across all organisational levels.

Parallel to this, we raise awareness of the impact that innovation, disruption and technologies can have of enhancing GRC environments; and the importance of understanding enterprise, organisational and business GRC ecosystems and developing best practice GRC environments across the value chain.

This approach allows clients to empower dynamic, proactive and deep-rooted GRC environments, frameworks and systems which can effectively underwrite, support and drive high-performance cultures and business mission assurance; and allow them to effectively respond to the disruption, volatility, challenges and issues they face. How many organisations for example had in place effective GRC and risk frameworks, systems, protocols and policies to respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Through such a high impact GRC environment, enterprises, organisations and businesses ideally align people, processes and technology so that they enhance their ability to protect their operations, brand, assets and reputation; consolidate credibility, confidence and trust with clients, stakeholders, investors and authorities alike; and manage risk. Cumulatively, this helps achieve a state of enterprise, organisational and business grace!

Our Governance Suite of Services

Our suite of services encompass enterprise, organisational, corporate and business:

ISO 19600

ISO/TC 309


Business, management and quality systems


Governance and Compliance 

GRC codes, fitness, probity, obligation and gap assessments

Controls and monitoring

High-performance GRC cultures

Internal auditing


Innovation and technologies

Leadership and cultures

Operating models

Organisational and business mission assurance

Protocols, policies and procedures

People and behaviours

Regulatory intelligence, change and updates

Risk management

Senior leadership and management regimes

Structures, frameworks and systems

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