Building Sustainable Futures

Our strategy and advisory services are designed to empower enterprises, organisations and businesses

to plan, prepare for, navigate and shape their futures.


Laying judicious and substantial future foundations.

Enterprises, organisations and businesses are unique; dynamic, evolving and living organisms, which in the modern era operate in and across complex ecosystems and value chains; within a disruptive and volatile global environment; and face a myriad of threats, challenges and issues.

Within this context, the ability to be able to successfully plan, prepare for, navigate and shape their futures within such an environment is critical.

Minerva Strategy’s mission objective is to work with boards, ‘C’ suite and senior leadership teams and stakeholders to help assure that enterprises, organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve their strategic and transformational objectives; build and develop their brand and value; drive competitive advantage, innovation and growth; are sustainable, resilient and flourish.

To ensure that we provide clients with high-impact advice and solutions which are real-world, business and commercially orientated we bring not just our extensive expertise, experience and insight, but our sophisticated, proprietary Pallas framework.

 Focused on seven higher level and strategy pillars, Pallas is designed to provide us with a higher level and strategy-oriented deep, multi-layered, multi-dimensional and multidisciplinary understanding; in effect a corporate axial tomography, or CT scan!

Deploying a spectrum of methodologies, models, approaches, tools and techniques we are able to conduct a deep level, integrated and co-ordinated analysis and assessment across multiple higher level and strategic axes, adjusting our foci as required.

Through this deeper level, 360-degree understanding, we are powerfully positioned to formulate the smarter, intelligent generative solutions, advice, counsel and support frameworks that will allow enterprises, organisations and businesses to translate corporate, organisational and enterprise strategy, planning and objectives into operational excellence; as well as develop the capability author and implement transformational and change initiatives; and effectively surmount the threats, challenges and issues they face.

We also place an emphasis at Minerva Strategy of adding value through building, developing and supporting internal talent and capability through combining strategy and advisory services with coaching, mentoring, learning and development.

Our Strategy and Advisory 

Suite of Services


Working with boards, ‘C’ suite, and senior leadership teams and stakeholders to ensure enterprises, organisations and businesses have in place the structure and components to drive and deliver excellence.


Providing enterprises, organisations and businesses with the data, information, intelligence and insight to empower strategic and transformational planning, operational optimisation and decision making.


Helping enterprises, organisations and businesses design, drive, develop and power innovation value,  and growth.


Helping enterprises, organisations and businesses put in place exemplary governance, compliance and regulatory cultures, frameworks and accompanying senior leadership and management regimes. 


Helping and supporting enterprises, organisations and businesses build, develop and lead high-performance transformation cultures. 


Helping enterprises, organisations and businesses analyse, assess, understand and manage risk and build high-impact strategic resilience. 

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