Strategic, Tactical and Operational Resilience Management

Author, lead and drive the organisational resilience to successfully respond to local, national and international business and organisational disruption and volatility and the strategic and operational challenges and issues they bring, and then successfully move from survive to thrive, through authoring, developing, driving and leading high-performance organisational resilience, sustainability and excellence cultures.

  • Prepare for and effectively respond to crises and emergencies
  • Reduce risk
  • Enhance strategic resilience, security and sustainability
  • Enhance strategic business continuity
  • Use challenges as a catalyst for transformation and move from survive to thrive mentality through high impact strategic, transformational and operational leadership
  • Author, develop and lead resilient, responsive, dynamic and agile high-performance cultures
Benefits and Advantages

  • Addresses current global pandemic crisis
  • Real world, pragmatic organisational and business focus
  • Knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes focused
  • Takes an integrated strategic, transformational, tactical and operational perspective

  • Delivered by senior British and Commonwealth organisational and business leaders with specialist strategic resilience, crisis and risk management, as well as international strategic and operational, leadership expertise and experience


    • Best international practice and leading-edge knowledge
    • Aligned to and benchmarked against British and Commonwealth armed forces leadership, UK professional and academic bodies’ standards
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    Course Overview

    In the current global COVID-19 pandemic, organisations of all shapes and sizes are facing, potentially catastrophic, myriad threats, challenges and issues; and are wondering if and how they will weather the storm. Whilst the current global pandemic is a major global emergency, it highlights the requirement for organisations to be able to respond to major or minor disruption and volatility within local, national and international business and organisational contexts and environments.

    The course focus is on authoring, developing, driving and leading the  high-performance organisational resilience, risk, crisis and business continuity management cultures and operations which will allow an organisation to successfully prepare for, respond to and overcome the challenges and issues faced when business disruption, crises and emergencies hit in a SMARTER, agile manner, so assuring organisational sustainability.

    The course places an emphasis upon high-performance cultures, high impact strategic and operational leadership and upon using organisational and business disruption as a catalyst for transformation, and successfully fostering a survive to thrive culture and mentality.

    Who Is This Course For?

    The STORM Leadership webinar course is designed for ‘C’ suite, senior and middle-level leadership and management personnel of all organisational shapes and sizes, who are responsible for leading strategic, tactical and operational organisational resilience agendas and initiatives.

    What Are The Course Objectives?

    There are two main course objectives.

    The first is to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, attributes, competencies and confidence to be able to successfully and effectively author, build, develop, drive and lead the high performance strategic, tactical and operational resilience cultures, frameworks, practices, capacity and capability which will allow organisations to prepare for, respond to and recover from the threats, challenges and issues faced in a volatile, changing and disruptive world and business environment in a robust, dynamic and agile way.

    The second is to encourage leaders to critically reflect on how major challenges, issues, crisis and emergencies can be used as a catalyst for driving transformation, innovation. constructive change and improved organisational cultures; so allowing them to move from a survival mode to renewed competitive advantage and potentially thriving.

    What Will I Learn?

    By the end of this programme and course you will:

    • Have a greater understanding and knowledge of best practice strategic resilience, security and resilience


    • Be able to apply and demonstrate your new and refreshed knowledge, skills, competencies approaches, methodologies, models, practices and tools to successfully author, develop, drive and lead high-performance:


    • Resilience, security, sustainability cultures and frameworks
    • Risk management cultures, frameworks and systems
    • Business continuity cultures, frameworks and systems
    • Agile, learning and responsive organisations


    • Understand how to use organisational and business disruption, volatility and crises as a catalyst for transformation


    • Enhance your
      • Strategic leadership
      • Transformational and change management leadership

    And so be able to significantly enhance your:

    • Organisational strategic, tactical and operational resilience, security and sustainability
    • Organisation’s ability to successfully prepare for and respond to major and minor local, national and global crises, emergencies disruption and volatility.


    • Ability to
      • Re-assess and re-evaluate your organisation and business
        • and lead any resulting transformation, change and innovation
      • Author, build and lead high-performance cultures and organisational excellence
    Course Outline

    Key topics explored include:


    Professional Award

    Module 1– Strategic organisational and business resilience key concepts

    Module 2 – Strategic and geopolitical intelligence, risks, threats, trends, challenges and issues

    Module 3 – RAID Model – responsive, agile, intelligent and dynamic organisations

    Module 4 –  Best practice crisis, emergency and risk management – key concepts and frameworks

    Module 5 –  Best practice business continuity management and ISO ISO 22301

    Module 6 – High impact, transformational and crisis leadership

    Module 7 – Black Swan Theory and related others

    Module 8 – Organisational resilience assessment


    Professional Certificate

    Module 9 – Lessons from UK and Commonwealth armed forces

    Module 10 – A unified C4ISR framework

    Module 11 – High-performance resilience and business mission assurance frameworks and pillars– leadership, culture, people, systems, communications


    Professional Advanced Certificate

    Module 12 – Building foresight – using integrated organisational and business and quality management systems – intelligence, information indicators, metrics and data

    What Will I Walk Away With?

    You will walk away with:

    • The specialist leading-edge knowledge, skills, competencies and confidence to be able to author, build, develop, drive and lead high-performance, high-impact strategic, tactical and operational organisational and business resilience, crisis and risk management agendas and initiatives in response to local, national and global volatility, disruption and threats.

    • The ability to make a real, high-performance impact on your organisation and business
    • Specialist and transferable professional skills
    • Enhanced career and promotion prospects
    • Continuous professional development credits
    • A personalised leadership action plan, which in conjunction with the course, critical personal reflection and ongoing professional development will allow you to further develop and put into practice what you have learnt.

    • Access to our leadership library of resources
    • Either a professional award, a professional certificate or an advanced professional certificate.
    Pre Course Activities

    We strongly recommend that in preparation for this course, participants take the time to complete the pre-course work; both so that they reap the fullest rewards and benefits of the courses, and so that it can be tailored and personalised where possible to their individual requirements.


    • Think about what your learning priorities and objectives are
    • Think about a possible leadership topic, issue, challenge or objective you have a special interest in for discussion in coaching, supervision / tutorials
    • Think about what real-world organisational strategic, transformational and resilience objectives you have
    • Think about what real-world organisational and business disruption, issues and challenges you face
    • Think about how you can use the current climate as a catalyst for change.


    What is Included In The Investment Fee?

    The investment fee encompasses:


    • Face to face contact learning via webinar, online and collaborative technology
    • A minimum number of whole class contact hours per days / week / month – subject to programme and course duration selected
    • Micro group sessions – depending upon participant numbers and webinar / programme / course duration
    • Individual / pair / micro group supervisions / coaching / personal and operational consulting and action planning – depending upon participant numbers and webinar / programme / course duration
    • Core course materials – send by email and online
    • Supplementary materials – send by email and online
    • Complimentary materials – materials – send by email and online
    • Access to documents and resources library for the webinar / programme / course duration
    • Certificate
    Availability and Dates

    At the moment due to the global pandemic, this course is only available publicly on a webinar basis with online support.

    The masterclass, short five-day intensive professional, two and four week extended professional programmes and courses recommence on:

    27th Sept 2021 | 11th October 2021 | 25th October 2021 | 
    8th November 2021 | 22nd November 2021 | 6th December 2021 | 10th January 2022 |
    24th January 2022 | 7th February 2022 | 21st February 2022 | 7th March 2022 | 21st March 2022
    1,2 3 Day Master Classes and 1,2,3 Day Advanced Professional Classes recommence on:
      4th October 2021 | 18th October 2021 | 1st November 2021 |
    15th November 2021 | 29th November 2021 | 13th December 2021 | 17th January 2022 |
    31st January 2022 | 14th February 2022 | 28th February 2022

    Key Personnel

    Programme Director

    David C.W.A. Carruthers


    Course Convenor

    Les Harvey


    Senior Trainers

    Stephen Felder – Shaw

    David Rubens

    A Trainer's View

    ʺ There is a lot of added value in this short professional and intensive course. This is not a traditional training course, but more an opportunity for senior level personnel to discuss and explore key, pragmatic and real-world issues with both their peers, and combine coaching with professional development, drawing upon the outstanding depth and breadth of international expertise and experience of their senior level leaders, specialists and trainers.

    Our objective is that by the end of the course, you can confidently author, develop, drive and lead the strategic, transformational, operational and resilience agendas your organisation sets to address and meet the challenges it faces and to not just survive but thrive.ʺ

    Course Fees' Payment

    UK and international clients should please contact us at Minerva Academy directly for payment of course fees.

    All course fees must be paid 48 hours prior to commencement of the webinar / courses.


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