The commercial management knowledge, skills and competencies for non-financial specialists.

  • Essential best practice commercial management knowledge
  • Understanding of business and commercial key concepts and terminology
  • Understanding of commercial management key concepts and terminology
  • Best practice commercial management standards
Benefits and Advantages

  • Confidently manage functional and operational commercial agendas
  • Enhance strategic and operational organisational, business and commercial planning and modelling
  • Enhance strategic and operational business and commercial decision making, analysis and planning
  • Use commercial metrics and indicators to manage performance and profitability


  • Aligned to and benchmarked against British and Commonwealth armed forces, professional and academic bodies’ standards
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Course Overview

In today’s organisational and business environments it is essential that all leaders and managers at every organisational level have a professional and good understanding of commercial management to effectively support their strategic and operational planning, decision making and management.

The Commercial Management for Non-Specialists course provides participants with the best practice and leading-edge commercial management knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes to be able to effectively plan, administer and manage departmental, functional and operational commercial agendas and understand key concepts, trends, issues and challenges.

The course focus is on key commercial concepts, frameworks, standards, techniques and tools; with an emphasis on effective and pragmatic organisational and business commercial management.

Who Is This Course For?

The Commercial Management for Non-Specialists webinar course is designed for business professionals and managers who are not commercial specialists but require best-practice commercial management skills for their roles and responsibilities.

The course is suitable for both current business and management personnel who wish to refresh or upskill; as well as for potential new or potential appointees who wish to develop new skills and competencies.

What Are The Course Objectives?

There are three main course objectives.

 The first is to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, attributes, confidence and competencies to be able to successfully and effectively:

  • Manage functional, departmental and operational commercial agendas
  • build, develop and lead best practice commercial management frameworks and standards

 The second is to provide participants with the commercial management knowledge and skills to proactively enhance business operations, performance, productivity and profitability.

 The final objective is to encourage personnel to critically reflect upon their commercial management strategies, operations and practices.

What Will I Learn?

By the end of this programme and course you will:

  • Have enhanced commercial management knowledge, skills and competencies
  • Be aware of best international practice commercial management issues, challenges and trends
  • Be able to demonstrate high-impact commercial leadership and management

  • Be able to apply approaches, methodologies, models, practices and tools to successfully author, develop, drive and lead:
    • Best practice commercial management cultures, capacity, capability and operations
    • High -performance commercial management strategies
    • Enhanced operational performance, productivity and profitability

  • Understand how to use organisational and business disruption, volatility and crises as a catalyst for commercial transformation and change
Course Outline

Key topics explored include:

Professional Award

Module 1 – Commercial context, environment and awareness

Module 2 – Commercial management trends issues and challenges

Module 3 – Contracts and contract performance and management

Module 4 – Bids and tender management

Module 5 – Commercial Relationships and Negotiations

Module 6 – Strategic and operational commercial analysis and planning

Module 7 – Commercial options, analysis and appraisal

Module 8 – Commercial management performance, metrics and indicators

 Professional Certificate

Module 9 – Understanding commercial finances – key concepts and issues

Module 10 – Commercial, financial and business analysis and decision making

Module 11 – Commercial risk management

Module 12 – Commercial and contract management – sources, frameworks and models

 Professional Advanced Certificate

Module 13 – Legal aspects of commercial management

Module 14 – Strategic commercial management – key concepts

What Will I Walk Away With?

You will walk away with:

  • Best practice commercial management skills, competencies and attributes
  • An enhanced understanding of:
    • Business, commercial and financial contexts and environments
    • Business, commercial and financial issues, challenges and trends
    • Commercial management concepts, frameworks and standards
  • The confidence, knowledge, skills to be able to author, build, develop, drive and lead:
    • High impact commercial management strategies
    • Enhanced commercial management cultures and operations
    • Enhanced commercial and operational performance, productivity and profitability
    • Commercial transformation and change
  • The techniques and tools to successfully and effectively:
    • Optimise organisational business and commercial success
    • Develop and enhance performance, productivity, profitability and competitive advantage through business, commercial and financial planning and analysis
    • Enhance strategic and operational business planning and decision making through understanding the commercial and financial context and environment
    • Author and management contracts, bids and tenders
    • Conduct high-impact strategic and operational business and financial planning reviews, analysis, planning and formulation
  • Make a real, high-performance strategic and transformational impact on your organisation and business

  • Specialist and transferable professional skills
  • Enhanced career and promotion prospects
  • Continuous professional development credits
  • A personalised professional and leadership action plan, which in conjunction with the course, critical personal reflection and ongoing professional development will allow you to further develop and put into practice what you have learnt

  • Access to our library of resources
  • Either a professional award, a professional certificate or an advanced professional certificate.
Pre Course Activities

We strongly recommend that in preparation for this course, participants take the time to complete the pre-course work; both so that they reap the fullest rewards and benefits of the courses, and so that it can be tailored and personalised where possible to their individual requirements.

  • Think about what your learning priorities and objectives are
  • Think about a possible leadership topic, issue, challenge or objective you have a special interest in for discussion in coaching, supervision / tutorials
  • Think about what real-world organisational strategic, transformational and resilience objectives you have
  • Think about what real-world organisational and business disruption, issues and challenges you face
  • Think about how you can use the current climate as a catalyst for change.

Read the suggested literature below:

What is Included In The Investment Fee?

The investment fee encompasses:

  • Face to face contact learning via webinar, online and collaborative technology
  • A minimum number of whole class contact hours per days / week / month – subject to programme and course duration selected
  • Micro group sessions – depending upon participant numbers and webinar / programme / course duration
  • Individual / pair / micro group supervisions / coaching / personal and operational consulting and action planning – depending upon participant numbers and webinar / programme / course duration
  • Core course materials – send by email and online
  • Supplementary materials – send by email and online
  • Complimentary materials – materials – send by email and online
  • Access to documents and resources library for the webinar / programme / course duration
  • Certificate
Availability and Dates

At the moment due to the global pandemic, this course is only available publicly on a webinar basis with online support.

The masterclass, short five-day intensive professional, two and four week extended professional programmes and courses recommence on:

27thSept 2021 | 11thOctober 2021 | 25thOctober 2021 | 
8thNovember 2021 | 22ndNovember 2021 | 6thDecember 2021 | 10thJanuary 2022 | 24thJanuary 2022 | 7thFebruary 2022 | 21stFebruary 2022 | 7thMarch 2022 | 21stMarch 2022
1,2 3 Day Master Classes and 1,2,3 Day Advanced Professional Classes recommence on:
  4thOctober 2021 | 18thOctober 2021 | 1stNovember 2021 | 15thNovember 2021 | 29thNovember 2021 | 13thDecember 2021 | 17thJanuary 2022 | 31stJanuary 2022 | 14th February 2022 | 28thFebruary 2022
Key Personnel

Programme Director

David C.W.A. Carruthers


Course Convenor

Les Harvey


Senior Trainers

A Trainer's View

ʺ There is a lot of added value in this programme and course for both experienced business and management personnel looking to refresh and update their knowledge; and explore new ideas, current trends and issues; as well as for new and potential management and business appointments.


The blended combination of executive development, workshop and coaching; opportunities to explore and discuss with peers; the pragmatic and real-world issues focus; and the ability to draw upon both participant’s collective experience as well as the outstanding depth and breadth of international expertise and experience of the academy’s senior – level leaders, specialists and trainers marks this programme and course out. ʺ

Course Fees' Payment

UK and international clients should please contact us at Minerva Academy directly for payment of course fees.

All course fees must be paid 48 hours prior to commencement of the webinar / courses.



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